Art Deco Uranium Glass Walther Sohne Glass Arabella Centrepiece Lady Fisch Bowl Vintage 1930s for sale UK

Walther & Sohne Uranium Glass Arabella and Fisch Centrepiece

Very rare and stunning art deco glass centrepiece attributed to German manufacturer Walther & Sohne in the 1930s and appearing in their 1934 catalogue. The centrepiece is made from beautiful uranium glass with a black display plinth. The large bowl is known as 'Fisch' with a stunning fish design and is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. The figure known as 'Arabella' is a very rare piece and is spectacularly modelled. She has one very minor chip to the floral detailing at the bottom of the lady but is otherwise in wonderful condition. The original frog insert has one small crack as photographed although barely noticeable. The black plinth has a small chip to it. Overall, a magnificent example of art deco glass and a highly collectable set. Diameter of bowl - 16.5 cms. Height in total - 15.5 cms.