Walther & Sohne Nymphen Dressing Table Set

Stunning art deco dressing table set by Walther & Sohne in uranium glass. This set is from the 1930s and is called Nymphen. Beautifully styled, it depicts mermaids and fish and consists of tray, 2 candlestick holders, trinket pot and 2 ring holders. In very good condition, there are some minor flaws as follows - The tray has some scuffing and a small chip to the top edge - more noticeable on touch rather than by sight. The trinket pot has 2 small nibbles to the bottom rim. One of the ring holders has a small hairline crack. These are shown in the photos and all mentioned for accuracy only as it really is a delightful example. An increasingly rare set to find. Tray - 35.75 x 26.75 cms. Height of candlesticks - 22 cms. Diameter of trinket pot - 8.75 cms. Diameter of ring holders - 8.5 cms.

© 2015 by Anna's Art Deco. Photos taken by Anna Pearson.