Walnut Mantle Clock

Charming art deco mantle clock in a walnut wooden case with a lovely black detail to the front and curved design. The clock is a fully working 8 day movement and comes with the original key. The wood is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks; one scuff mark to the top. The glass and face are in good condition however there is a chip to the cream metal underneath the number 6 as shown. Whilst this works and keeps time well, the gong is dull and seems to be out of timing in that it strikes at quarter past and quarter to. The movement is very sensitive and has to be completely level and perfectly in beat for this to work. A delightful art deco clock. Height - 22 cms. Length - 28 cms. Depth - 14 cms.

© 2015 by Anna's Art Deco. Photos taken by Anna Pearson.