Spelter Lady Lamp

Stylish art deco lamp with a lady dancer. Recently rewired and PAT tested so in working order. I believe this lamp to be made of three original pieces however they were not originally all together. The lady is nicely modelled with a charming face and is likely to have been taken off a statue or clock originally. The base has a simple but clean design and the shade is a classic white art deco glass shade.  Someone has soldered the lady onto the base and this works well however on close inspection, the hands have been slightly damaged in the process and you can the soldering marks to the underside of the shade support. The shade has a small chip to the rim but hardly noticeable. A lovely vintage art deco art which despite its minor flaws, is a wonderful piece for any room. Height - 49 cms.

© 2015 by Anna's Art Deco. Photos taken by Anna Pearson.