Pair of Chrome Limousin Statues

Stunning pair of art deco figurines from the 1920s. Made from a heavy cast metal, possibly bronze, and finished in chrome. Each one stands on an amber coloured marble base. There is a signature for Limousin however this refers to the French region renowned for art deco artists and sculptors rather than a maker's name. It was typical to do this to capitalise on the area's reputation. One of the figures is in excellent condition for its age with only one or two minor blemishes which are barely noticeable. The other statue is in good condition but does have some pitting and worn areas particularly down one side and the back. The chrome is also slightly duller in appearance than the other. It's getting less common to find these still together as a pair. A wonderful decorative pair of original statues from the art deco era. Height - 36 cms.

© 2015 by Anna's Art Deco. Photos taken by Anna Pearson.