Art Deco ODYV Pink Ceramic Sunburst Clock Garniture Vintage 1930s French for sale UK

Odyv Sunburst Clock Garniture

Stunning art deco clock garniture with mottled light pink and silvered detailing in a lovely sunburst design. Although unsigned, this is very likely to be an Odyv piece - French manufacturers - and dates from the 1930s. The clock has the original working 30 hour movement however runs slow and so loses 15 mins each day. The speed adjuster lever is missing meaning it can't be corrected and so this is being sold as a decorative piece only. It is uncommon to find the clock still with the original side vases! In excellent condition with no chips or cracks, this is truly a rare and beautiful piece and screams art deco!Clock: Height - 20 cms. Length - 35.5 cms. Depth - 6 cms.Vases: Height - 18 cms. Length - 12 cms. Depth - 4.75 cms.