Bagley Wyndham Uranium Glass Vase, Frog & Plinth

Stunning art deco glass vase, flower frog and plinth made in uranium glass. Made by Bagley in the 1930s, this shape is called Wyndham. In good condition with some minor flaws to the vase- small scratches to outside, small bubble mark to the inside just above the frog ledge, some slight discoloration to the inside. The frog has some nibbles to the bottom. The plinth is in great condition with a small nibble to the underneath. These are mentioned for accuracy only as it is really is a fabulous example of the art deco era and looks stunning on display. Rare to find all 3 pieces together. Height - 17 cms. Width - 26 cms.

© 2015 by Anna's Art Deco. Photos taken by Anna Pearson.